Sharpening makes a mighty sword, and cold makes a blooming wintersweet.

In the context of promoting school-enterprise integration, internship has long been different from the traditional fixed-time, fixed-site periodic internship, but has a new definition. The internship of work-study alternation and post formation is gradually becoming the mainstream.
  BENFA technology upholds this new set of concepts to ' customize ' very favorable working conditions for 11 interns, allowing them to ' hone ' on a production line with higher intelligence and lower work intensity

“Is there anything new in the process of Benfax working and learning these days?”

“The master who was in charge of my work taught me a lot of things, and what benefited me the most was that he taught me how to reduce the shortage and waste of materials through precise calculations”.

This is a conversation with an intern in BENFA workshop.

BENFA Technology has always adhered to the concept of “quality-oriented, development and win-win” to implement all aspects of work and life, and cultivated every student who comes to BENFA Technology for internship in a rigorous work style and good professional ethics in a real working environment.

Post time: Oct-02-2022
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