Why can we customize the knitting machine to provide samples?

the customer's unclear lead to design deviation

Some customers do not express clearly in their statements. Some parts have different names and understandings from the industry. This can lead to deviations in the custom design of knitting machines. If there are product samples, the delay caused by poor communication can be reduced.

the judgment of the product is more direct

Some products, because of their unique process structure, may not have been contacted by the manufacturer before. Even if they are clearly stated, they will not be able to quickly understand what kind of product they are. If they can provide product samples, they can better analyze the product. Structural process, custom design;

convenient comparison, sample

For custom products, sample comparison is necessary. In the case of samples, the manufacturer can quickly verify whether the purchased parts meet the needs, and whether the produced products meet the requirements;

For customers who have customized braiding machines, it is best to give the samples that the manufacturer needs to produce. If there are no samples, provide product drawings to minimize the communication barrier between the two parties, and let the braiding machine manufacturers produce the best quality braiding machines.

The Influence of Number of braiding Machine carriers on Product Quality
The number of carriers for high-speed braiding machines is more or less. Even if we are braiding the same product, the number of braiding machine spindles used may also be different. The number of carriers will directly affect the complexity of the braiding machine structure and the difficulty of braiding the product. In general, the greater the number of carrier , the higher the price of the braiding machine and the more precise braiding products can be made. The number of braiding machines the customer selects depends on the requirements for the appearance and performance of the braided product. For example, braided hoses are also produced using a wire braiding machine. braiding machines with a large number of carriers are sure to produce finer braids and better compressive strength. At the same time, the cost will be higher. For all weaving machines, the number of carrier is an important reference for the quality of their performance. The number of weaving machine spindles currently produced by Benfair Technology ranges from regular 24, 36 spindles to a complex 72,120 spindles. The type of braiding machine produced depends on the customer's needs.


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